Our Work


Our Work

As an educational non-profit organization, World Enabled...

  • Researches socio-economic, political and cultural factors that redress inequitable outcomes and promotes inclusion of persons with disabilities in general and youth with disabilities in particular.
  • Provides innovative and cost effective research and programmatic services to international agencies, NGOs and governments.
  • Creates effective partnerships between governments and civil society with the purpose of implementing inclusive public programs.
  • Engages with governments and mobilizes civil society organizations that further an inclusive human and civil rights approach to disability programs and policies.
  • Ensures that both local organizations and international partners benefit from our work.
  • Builds inclusive societies where young people with disabilities can develop their talents, skills and abilities and reach their full potential.

World Enabled carries out research, leadership, and capacity building initiatives in partnership with governments, private corporations, community based organizations, and networks of persons with disabilities.

Examples of recent projects include:

Case Studies

Help Create A World Enabled

World Enabled started with a vision of empowering youth challenged by stigma, prejudice and abuse and give them a chance to realize their potential. Thanks to supporters like you, the girls, boys, women and men that benefit from our research and educational programs are making that vision a reality.