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We are proud of the work @DLBLLC @SmartCitiesL has done to elevate the visibility of #access #equity #inclusion for #pwd and older persons! We need more of this to mobilize commitments on the ground! @BestCitiesGA @citiesforpeople @GlobalResCities @CitiesLab

We could not be prouder of @UCLG_Saiz @uclg_org for her steadfast support in inclusive urban transformation + mobilizing city networks like @metropolis_org @WBG_Cities @Right2CityGP @_tomorrowcity @SmartCityLATAM @cityofmelbourne @SmartCityexpo to take action #inclusionmatters

We are building a global knowledge hub on inclusive & accessible cities! Transform the world with us! @victorpineda #greatreset @WBG_Cities @urbancampaign @BlindUnion @wef @worldbankdata @crassociati @MaimunahSharif @UNHABITAT @uclg_org @giz_gmbh @BMZ_Bund @sidewalklabs @WHO

Our pres @victorpineda featured in @NYSHumanRights #ADAVoices! Shout out to @NYCDisabilities led by the tireless @NYCCalise a major global leader 4 our global #cities4all campaign! @NYCMayor @NYCSeniors @NYCDoITT @globalnyc @PAbeywardena @IURDBerkeley @Noorain @FordFoundation 👏

Internet surveys can play an important role in rapid collection of household and individual level information. But what voices are actually being heard through these kind of surveys across the MENA region where internet use ranges from 30 to 80%?

Thank you @perry_fleur!

People can check out my website for more info about the book, online events plus a free discussion guide & plain language summary

#DisabilityVisibility #OwnVoices #CripLit

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