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Coronavirus fatigue is spurring some public health experts to call for more nuanced guidelines to help people avoid contagion. Their recommendations draw on a pragmatic model called harm reduction

The effects of COVID in informal areas are matters of life and death: water, sanitation, work. Nabeel elHady @CairoUniversity @UNHABITAT @urbancampaign Urban Research and Education post-COVID NOW: https://bitly/311wAsB @unhabitatuni @ISOCARP #cities4all @usfngo

Difficulties accessing the Internet have meant that the movement online has missed many students and has forced changes to pedagogy. Camilla Perrone Urban Research and Education Post-COVID @UNHABITAT @urbancampaign @unhabitatuni @UNHABITAT_Live @The_ACSP #cities4all

"I first explain how public planning departments’ inner workings are racialized and then offer racial equity in planning organizations (REPO) as a framework and directive to align public planning racial equity goals with internal rules and norms." #cities4all @NYCplanners

Last night @victorpineda joined @knowledgemelb led by @LordMayorMelb to discuss the most mainstream #HumanRights structure in the 21st century, #a11y, and its relationship to the future of #Melbourne | #Cities4All #PWD #SDGs

"#Melbourne Conversations: City of the Future" Part 1 streams in 15 minutes! @victorpineda will be joining a panel of industry leaders on how the future of Melbourne can be more #Inclusive in a post-#covid19 era

Join us here: | @SallyCapp_ | #Cities4All

Tæthed, mangfoldighed og nærhed - Density, diversity and proximity. We're proud to announce the Danish language edition of #SoftCity is out now! #citiesforpeople

Funders Learn Tech.

3 films online of @rachelcoldicutt In Convo With -

@jeneralife re impacts of tech on work + workers rights.

@AlastairParvin re impacts of tech on citizen sector, housing + land.

@wsisaac re impacts of bias in AI, racism + more.

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