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"Christina's World" [1948] by #AndrewWyeth is a portrait of a real woman who lived in Maine with a #NMD that stopped her from being able to use her legs. She preferred to crawl with her body than to have herself sedentary on a wheelchair. #PWD #CMT #DisabilityHistory

We feel proud that this environmental activist phenom made it on the cover of #TimePOY. Greta is someone who has been very blunt about the disconcerting state of environmental politics and her diagnosis with Asperger's @autismspeaks @Action4Asperger

[VIDEO] Listen to Megan Lawrence of #Microsoft speak about how cities can make inclusion a part of their DNA

@accessgeo @MSFTEnable @jamesthu @G3ict
#Accessibility #SmartCities #Inclusion #DigitalInclusion #SmartCities4All #Disabilities

Great rendezvous with @IDA_CRPD_Forum this weekend attending a conference on international disability and development within Arab states. #LeaveNoOneBehind #Cities4All

@UNICEF @UNICEFmena @VladimirCuk2


Reading through a program on international disability and development in the middle east. Excited to help promulgate inclusive urban policies today. #LeaveNoOneBehind #Cities4All @victorpineda

We had a productive meetup in Chile. Gracias @jinzunzab y @FADEU_UC por crear conciencia sobre nuestro pacto mundial #Cities4All.

#MacarenaCortésDesign @xrivasa @Betoeliash @ElkinVelasquezM @alianzasmartlat @UNHABITAT @Smart_CityLATAM

Article on event:

We're overwhelmed that in creating our World Enabled fundraiser for #GivingTuesday we not only met our $1,000 donation goal which Victor Pineda pledged to match, but that we over doubled it at $2,225 (as of this post)

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