Our Mission/History


Our Mission

World ENABLED promotes the rights and dignities of persons with disabilities through research, education and field initiatives. We further an inclusive human and civil rights approach to disability. With our international partners we work to build inclusive societies.

Our History

World Enabled developed in 2003 as a collaborative initiative of The Pineda Foundation for Youth. World Enabled was created in connection with Public Interest TV/Films and the World Bank’s Division to External Affairs. The goal was to educate, inspire and inform a global audience about the capabilities and potential of young people with disabilities by producing educational media and materials that highlight the voices and aspirations of youth with disabilities.

World Enabled has since expanded its service offerings to include research, evaluation and assessment projects for some of the largest and most prestigious international development agencies.

Help Create A World Enabled

World Enabled started with a vision of empowering youth challenged by stigma, prejudice and abuse and give them a chance to realize their potential. Thanks to supporters like you, the girls, boys, women and men that benefit from our research and educational programs are making that vision a reality.