About US

World Enabled is a global education, communications, and strategic consulting group. We support companies and governments with the full implementation of legal mandates for inclusion and diversity. Our work and research initiatives further innovative approaches to inclusive urban development. With our international partners, we help build inclusive societies where people with disabilities and older persons can fully develop their talents and reach their full potential.

01 We help to:

  • Research socio-economic, political and cultural factors that redress inequitable outcomes and promote inclusion of persons with disabilities in general and youth with disabilities in particular.
  • Provide innovative and cost effective research and programmatic services to international agencies, NGOs and governments.
  • Create effective partnerships between governments and civil society with the purpose of implementing inclusive educational programs.
  • Engage with governments and mobilize civil society organizations that further an inclusive human and civil rights approach to disability programs and policies.
  • Ensure that both local organizations and international partners benefit from our work.
  • Build inclusive societies where young people with disabilities can develop their talents, skills and abilities and reach their full potential.

02 Our Values

  • Work with the highest standards.
  • Work with accountability and excellence.
  • Empower people and organizations.
  • Cooperation and Partnerships.
  • Transparency, Integrity & with the highest ethics.
  • Respect and inherent dignity of all.
  • Foster inclusive approaches.
  • Leave No One behind

03 History

World Enabled started in 2003 with the goal to educate, inspire and inform a global audience about the capabilities and potential of people with disabilities. It is focused on the development of educational media and materials that highlight people’s voices and aspirations, especially those of youth with disabilities.

World Enabled has since expanded its service offerings to include research, evaluation and assessment projects for some of the largest and most prestigious international development agencies.


04 Your Support

Everyone benefits from the transition towards the creation of truly inclusive societies. Our research, training and educational programs not only help persons with disabilities, youth and older persons but also in the realization of the vision to create a more accessible and liveable urban environments for all. We hope you will sign the Cities for All Global Compact and join the Campaign to make 100 Cities more inclusive and accessible. Cities that sign the Compact Smarter and more Inclusive Cities enable everyone to access greater opportunities and live more fulfilling lives. Please support our work by making a contribution today.

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