Our Team

Dr. Victor Santiago Pineda

President of World Enabled
Berkeley, USA

Dr. Victor Santiago Pineda is the President of World Enabled and President of the Global Alliance on Accessible Technologies and Environments (GAATES). He is a recognized leader in international disability rights and was appointed by US President Barack Obama to the Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board.

Federico Battista Poitier

Director for Partnerships
Berlin, Germany

Federico Batista Poitier is the Director of External Affairs and Partnerships at World Enabled. His background is in international development with a focus on international, regional and national disability policy, international human rights law, education, disability inclusive development, grassroots and community development, gender equality and human rights advocacy.

Luis Artieda

Development Coordinator
New York, USA

Luis is the Development Coordinator at World Enabled. His background is in urban planning with a focus on international regional development, international cooperation, regional and national social inclusion policy, grassroots and community development, corporate social responsibility, and philanthropy.

Alison Moore

Research & Development Associate
Oakland, USA

Alison is a planning and public health professional dedicated to ensuring that communities have the opportunity to thrive. She brings significant experience in multilevel, community-action oriented research, strategic planning, and support of cross-sector initiatives. Alison is keenly aware of the relationship between place, health, and social equity and brings this lens to all aspects of her work.

Dr. Asiah Mason

Senior Advisor for Communications
Washington D.C., USA

Asiah is the president of Dr. Mason Global, a Senior Advisor for Communications and a Board of Director member at World Enabled. She is an expert on unique creative public relations for high-impact social good projects, including projects with the United Nations. Her passion and joy are working on projects to raise awareness and change society’s perception towards people with disabilities, older persons, and LGBTs.

Fernando R. Jácome G.

Advisor of Governmental Affairs
Quito, Ecuador

Fernando is the Advisor of Governmental Affairs at World Enabled. PhD (c) on Public Policies and International Affairs, Fernando has a long multilateral experience in the field of disabilities and inclusive urban development. He advises the Foundation in its relations and projects with national and local governments.

Ely Alfonso Aquino

Director for Corporate Transformation
Panama City, Panama

Ely is the Director for Learning and Development at World Enabled. He is a facilitator, corporate communicator, and organizational consultant in leadership, communication and branding. He has trained talents and executives from global companies in more than 15 countries across Central America, South America, and the Caribbean.

Pong Cruz

Research Associate
Manilla, Philippines

Pong is the Senior Research Analyst at World Enabled and is based in Manilla Philippines. He completed his Master’s in Disability and Development and is the recipient of a Fulbright award. He supports research initiatives focused around the creation of inclusive cities.

Ruth Posas

Financial & Sr. Administrative Assistant
General Santos, Philippines

Ruth is the Social Media Coordinator, Database Manager and Administrative Assistant at World Enabled. She completed her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, majoring in Economics, at Mindanao State University, Philippines. She worked remotely as a Virtual Assistant before joining the World Enabled team in 2015.

Diana Panganiban

Junior Operations Coordinator
Manilla, Philippines

Since 2015, Diana has been the person who “keeps everything together”. She joined initially as the Executive Assistant for Dr. Pineda and now serves as the organization’s Junior Operations Coordinator. Diana is dedicated to ensuring that the organization’s systems and processes run as smoothly as possible. She is also proactively learning more about disability inclusion in the environment and digital space to promote awareness and bring positive change in the Philippines.

Dr. Sandra Willis

Director for Knowledge Development
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dr. Willis is a psychologist specializing in intellectual and developmental disabilities, She has 20 years of experience in academic, government and non-government organizations engaging in teaching, mentoring, research, social policy and social development activities. She also excels in leadership roles that emphasize turnaround strategies.

Sandra Hernandez

Smart Cities Coordinator
Puebla, Mexico

Sandra has more than 5 years of experience across different areas of human resources. She has assisted in the creation of strategic alliances to promote initiatives and establish ventures. She has experience in communication and alignment of efforts with agents of change such as civil society organizations, universities and companies, integrating them into projects of impact for human development.

Francisco Pineda

Advisor on Innovation and Corporate Affairs, New York, USA

Francisco X. Pineda has nearly two decades of leadership experience in finance, corporate training on diversity, inclusion, and innovation. He specializes in strategy, investment, development, and launch of World Enabled’s corporate partnerships. He serves as an investor and advisor to several tech/start-ups.

Lucas Adams

Program Officer
Berkeley, USA

Lucas joined the World Enabled team in 2016 as an assistant to Dr. Pineda. He has since took on the role of Program Officer. Lucas completed his Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of California, Santa Cruz. He has a passion for technology and principles of inclusive and sustainable design guiding innovation in the tech space.

Dr. Steve Commins

Advisor of Urban Governance and Services
Los Angeles, USA

Dr. Commins works in areas of regional and international development, with an emphasis on service delivery and governance in fragile states. He is the International Practice Faculty coordinator for the Luskin School of Public Affairs International Practice Pathway, a Lecturer in the International Development Studies program, and a mentor for the David Geffen School of Medicine Global Health Pathway.

Katherine Chacón M.

Accessibility Technical Lead
Quito, Ecuador

Katherine leads accessibility and supports government engagement for World Enabled. She is a certified accessibility experts and helps with the development of regulation in construction, and inclusive urban strategies. She also leads our efforts in implementing programs for the Global Compact and Campaign across Latin America. She’s also the Ecuadorian country representative of GAATES-G3iCT.

Paul Martin Adamovic

Digital Content Manager
Berkeley, USA

Paul supports the online presence of World Enabled. He graduated from UC Berkeley with a B.A. in English Literature and also received a certification in full stack web development. He has been involved in digital and data projects driving human rights efforts.

Parul Sharma

Accessibility Associate
New Delhi, India

Parul supports the urban development programs at World Enabled. He serves as the Senior Accessibility Specialist for the ‘Accessible India Campaign’ to the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Government of India. His research at the School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi focuses on inclusive and accessible spaces in South Asia. He has expertise in government liasioning, programme and project management, and partnerships and collaborations within India.

Amy Chu

Cities For All Coordinator
Berkeley, USA

Amy coordinates the procurement of several dozen case studies and manages design development in parallel with the Global Compact. She is currently at UC Berkeley studying Environmental Economics & Policy, but her interests expand past the environment and encompass social equity, civil rights, economic mobility – as well as their intersectionality and holistic solutions.

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