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#RCities, ED, @LaurenSorkin18 & Board of Directors member @SamehNWahba join Kanishka Rathore, in a conversation about #ResilientCites shaping the Urban Future on Clubhouse.

📆May 12
🕘9:30-11am EST

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Today marks when the 504 Sit-In ended in San Francisco as the Washington DC cohort returned and leaders gave heart pounding victory speeches. However, I stayed back in DC. It was a fantastic celebration of disabled joy for the participants who tireless fought for that very moment

I know CRIP CAMP just came out, like, yesterday, but I think it (and its visible success) has helped open up opportunities for stories about disability & difference. Meetings have shifted, & I see influential folks tweeting about this stuff who hadn’t before. Thanks for seeing us

“May this serve as a milestone moment for lasting, systemic change for disabled people of color across the globe. I might have been the first visibly disabled Black woman on the red carpet, but I’m determined not to be the last.”-@andraealavant 💜

“While Crip Camp has made some tremendous waves in improving accessibility & authentic representation of disabled people, there’s still much work to be done. Disability remains grossly underrepresented on screens.” Read @andraealavant’a call to action.

Happy #MayDay to all the workers out there, and especially to disabled workers. I hope we see the end of subminimum wage in our lifetimes.

Because they were focused, and did good work, the team at Coinbase generated many billions for the employees. Those billions deployed to effect the causes they care about will be orders of magnitude more impactful then if those employees had instead spent time on those causes.

Our founder @victorpineda is recognized by two major museums for his lifelong commitment to human rights, equity, access and inclusion. 🙏🏼

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