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Women and girls with disabilities are more often confronted with non-inclusive environments than men and boys with disabilities because they are subject to multiple and forms of discrimination owing to their gender and disability.

#Inclusion #Accessibility #UniversalDesign

🎙️ To @WorldEnabled Director @victorpineda, «#Inclusion it’s not just looking at ramps, but looking about the broad spectrum of human conditions.»

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Persons with intellectual and psychosocial disabilities are more likely to experience forced institutionalization and exclusion from family and community activities. Only a few countries promote their social inclusion.

#Inclusion #Accessibility #UniversalDesign

Join us today at 12pm AEDT for a #RemarkableInsights conversation with a fantastic panel of innovators and advocates discussing the question '#SmartCities: Who Benefits?'

Live captioning and Auslan interpreting services will be provided.

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We are proud that our founder @victorpineda is participating as a leading voice for "Radical Inclusion" and "Inclusive Innovation" these are foundational concepts to "Build Back Better". We're proud to work with partners on G20 Smart City Alliance, check it out! @G3ict @wef

Women with disabilities are underrepresented in leadership positions and in the execution of their countries’ development plans.
Many countries address gender and disability issues separately, not focusing on the link between the two.

#Inclusion #Accessibility #UniversalDesign

Listen to @Gensler_design podcast feat. Equity by Design experts Stephanie Firestone @firekrone @EstherGreenhous, and @drbillthomas on how to design more supportive senior living facilities for active aging, and multigenerational communities.

An estimated 1 billion persons with disabilities will be living in cities and towns by 2050. It is therefore important that the application of universal design is taken into consideration in all aspects of urban and rural planning.

#Inclusion #Accessibility #UniversalDesign

Post-COVID let's redesign and create housing and communities that advance equity and enable residents of all ages and abilities. Stephanie Firestone @firekone shares key insights among built environment professionals. #buildequity

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