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We are honored to have our work featured at Solutions Cinema, for a dialogue about how to better use the medium of film in the pursuit of solutions to some of humanity’s most challenging issues.

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"The world is so much more beautiful with us in it. With people who are Queer, Disabled people, with BIPOC people... It's just a whole other world of abundance."-@chellamanart 💜
Short Video Interview with Chella here:

No dejen de conectarse este martes 30 de Marzo al lanzamiento de nuestro reporte "Ciudades y pandemia: Hacia un futuro más justo, verde y saludable"

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🌿 How can we translate the #EUGreenDeal into a #ZeroCarbon future?

📝 We at @anteverti have identified 3 areas of opportunity for cities to take advantage from the learnings from the #pandemic to become more sustainable 👉



#DisabilityInclusion is a right, not a privilege for a select few. Start the conversation with the #EyeForInclusion contest today at
#LeaveNoOneBehind #BASIIC_NIUA

The national treasure that is @judithheumann is rebranding and relaunching her pod-cast, this is a must follow, must hear, must amplify kind of a thing... @feministabulous @TheSineadBurke @andraealavant @HabenGirma @sinsinvalid @NIUA_India @BearDisability

Check out our latest article: An equitable pandemic response and recovery will shape the next chapter of urban development and world peace via @victorpineda @uclg_org @FordFoundation @Googleorg @judithheumann @TheSineadBurke @feministabulous @jilly_peppa

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