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Join us Today December 2nd #DearWorld Live event with Judith Heumann and Doha Debates to celebrate #DisabilityJustice and the importance of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities. (In English) Event live stream link(s):

Delighted to see new Universal Accessibility Campaign by @WorldEnabled 's friend @Disability_SE I'm delighted to co-sponsor this great event with @UCLG_Saiz during @un #COSP13 with great educational video. Congratulations team! @poitierbatista @uclg_org @UNDESA

Register now for #lecture by @victorpineda speaking at @NIUA_India
@MoHUA_India on Advocating a Policy Based Approach to fortify
#disabilityinclusion and embedding #inclusion #accessibility in Indian Cities under
the #BASIIC programme supported by @UKinIndia (1/3)

This lecture is part of the commitment of @worldenabled to support work being
done by @NIUA_India @MoHUA_India and @UKinIndia and to advance a
partnership with our allies in the region.
Registration link : (2 /3)

Join @victorpineda talking about “Global insights on Inclusive Urban planning,
policies and Practices” under #BASIIC Programme of @NIUA_India which aims to
propagate tenets of accessibility, safety and inclusivity in Indian Cities with support
of @UKinIndia @WorldEnabled(3 /3)

Join #BASIIC @NIUA_India for an exciting #Webinar on #DisabilityInclusion from an Approach to Practice Rebuilding #cities for all.

Dec 2 at 2.30 pm

#IDPD2020 @UKinIndia #ForceforGood @MoHUA_India
@socialpwds @GDIHub @WorldEnabled @KMurugkar


Register now for the #lecture Series by #BASIIC @NIUA_India on Advocating a Policy Based Approach to Fortify #disabilityinclusion in #Cities


@UKinIndia #IDPD2020 #ForceforGood @MoHUA_India
@socialpwds @GDIHub @WorldEnabled @samarthyam


Delighted to advance this discussion with my friends @UCLG_Saiz and @Disability_SE create the space to amplify #localaction with @SDG11_ @uclg_org @UNDESASocial @UNDESA @WorldEnabled #cosp13 @poitierbatista @SDGaction #disabilitydemandsjustice @judithheumann

Everyone should watch this film, our producer Stephen Nemeth helped make it happen! @crutchdoc

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