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World Enabled is a global education, communications, and strategic consulting group. We support companies and governments with the full implementation of legal mandates for inclusion and diversity. Our work and research initiatives further innovative approaches to inclusive urban development. With our international partners, we help build inclusive societies where people with disabilities and older persons can fully develop their talents and reach their full potential.

Our Mission

We are an agile and globally recognized organization advocating for rights for people with disabilities and influencing inclusive urban planning policies. World Enabled comprises an all-star team capable of implementing innovative and impactful programs spanning accessibility, digital inclusion, and inclusive urban developments with government, private sector and civil society partners.

Our Vision

We aim to realize a world without barriers where everyone and every organization works to unlock human potential. Our vision is in turn based on our values.

Services We Offer

Insights & Research

Benchmark Inclusion: Assess Accessibility & Universal Design

Policy & Technical Support

Innovate in Urban Development: Develop an Inclusive Transformation Plan

Storytelling & Learning

Book a speaker: Develop Inclusive Communications

Our Approach

World Enabled implements our mission through evidence based research, strategic advocacy, and innovative partnerships to ensure inclusion and accessibility is at the center of development planning and processes.

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Making Cities Inclusive

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Our Research

15% of the world’s population, experience some form of disability

80% of persons with disabilities live in developing countries

96% of digital development projects fail to mention persons with disabilities as targeted beneficiaries.


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